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HK교수 Mona Farouk


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전공 : 비교종교(박사), 석사 (이슬람학), 학사 (정치학)

학위 : 비교종교박사

직위 : HK 조교수

주요 연구 분야 : Islamic Studies, Minorities, Korean Studies, Arabic language studies

e-mail :

Majors : Comparative religions (Ph-D), Islamic Studies (MA), Political Science (BA)  

Position : Director of the Center for North African Studies, IMS, BUFS.

Title : HK Professor (Assistant Professor)

Academic degree : PhD in Comparative religions

Research Fields : Islamic Studies, Minorities, Korean Studies, Arabic language studies 

E-mail : 


My first research activity was through the Center of Asian Studies at Cairo University after I graduated from the Political science Dept. of Cairo University. By that, time all my focus was on Asia and especially South Korea. Accordingly, I started learning the Korean Language in Korea where I got more interested in studying religions, as Korean Society has a special variety of religions. I began by focusing on the Muslim minority in South Korea, which was the title of my MA thesis, through which I moved to a larger scope of research to study the variety of religions in South Korea to which I dedicated my PhD thesis on religious diversity. 

My first publication was a book titled "Muslim Minorities in South Korea: The present and the future" published by the Center of Asian Studies of Cairo University in 2014. During my research life, I was also teaching Arabic, which was another field of my research interest to develop teaching methods, especially for non-speakers, so I published some research studies in this field including two books on teaching the Arabic language to Koreans. From 2014 to the present, I'm teaching Arabic and Islamic studies for Korean Students in the Arabic Dept. of BUFS. 

In 2018, I was honored to join the research team of the Institute of Mediterranean Studies (IMS), which gave me a good opportunity to widen my research scope to the Mediterranean area as I continued to publish related research studies on refugees, Al-Andalus, Sicily, Jerusalem, etc. while focusing on the status of minorities, religions and Islamic studies in Mediterranean region.

In 2022, I started my new post as the director of the Center of North African Studies of IMS, which is quite relative to my research scope related to the Arab and Islamic world. Hopefully, my upcoming research would focus on the North African part of the Mediterranean.


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