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HK교수 Mona Farouk


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전공 : 비교종교(박사), 석사 (이슬람학), 학사 (정치학) 

학위 : 비교종교박사

직위 : HK 조교수

주요 연구 분야 : Islamic Studies, Minorities, Korean Studies, Arabic language studies

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My first research activity was through the Center of Asian Studies in Cairo University, by that time all my focus was on Asia and especially South Korea. And that was the reason that I started learning Korean Language in Korea where I got more interested about studying religions, as the Korean Society has a special variety of religions. Accordingly, I began with focusing on Islamic studies. Then, I focused on Muslim minority in South Korea, through which I moved to a larger scope of research to study the variety of religions in South Korea. So, my first publication was a book titled “Muslim Minorities in South Korea”. At the same time, I was teaching Arabic, which was another field of my research interest to develop the teaching methods especially for non-speakers, so I did some researches concerning this field including publishing 2 books on teaching Arabic language. Finally, I have joined Institute of Mediterranean studies (IMS) few months ago hoping to widen my research scope to the Mediterranean area as it was also one of my research interests especially regarding the issue of refugees which was also one of the issues discussed on my research work. My future research plan is to continue focusing on minorities in Mediterranean region.


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