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HK연구교수 Mohammad Hasan Mozafari (2024년도 정년퇴임)


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전공 Law (Islamic Studies)

학위 Ph. D. in Law

직위 HK Research Professor

주요 연구 분야 : Islamic Law, Islamic Philosophy and Culture

e-mail :


Since late June 2018, I joined the Institute (IMS). During this time, I have participated in several national and international conferences and work on several papers as follow:   

  1. The Impact of Persian Philosophical and Theological Thoughts on Andalusian Philosophers, published by the ‘Mediterranean Review’, journal of the Institute for Mediterranean Studies, BUFS.
  2. Exchange of Mystical Thoughts between Persian and Andalusian Scholars, published by the ‘Journal of Middle Eastern Affairs’, Institute of Middle Eastern Affairs, Myongji University.
  3. Halal Sea food as per Islamic Jurisprudence
  4. Islamic Calligraphy, Persian and Andalusian Contribution
  5. Philosophical Foundations of Animal Rights as Per Islamic Law


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