Yong Soo YOON

Affiliation : Institute for Mediterranean Studies, Busan University of Foreign Studies, South Korea

Position : Director, Ph.D. (Arabic Linguistics)

Research Fields : Arabic Sociolinguistics, Arab Area Studies, Mediterranean Studies

email : kalid@bufs.ac.kr

our website : http://www.ims.or.kr


I am serving as a professor of the Department of Arab Area Studies at Busan University of Foreign Studies. And I currently serve as the director of the Institute for Mediterranean Studies at Busan University of Foreign Studies. I am interested in Mediterranean civilization exchange and Arab region research.

Important Article

1. A Study on the Language Stratum in Sicily
2. A Study on the religious faith of ancient Egypt and its afterlife view -Focusing on Osiris myth and the Funeral texts-
3. The Civilization Exchange of Medieval Mediterranean and Islam
4. A study on Web-based Information Visualization for Analysis of Relationship between Objects -Focused on Abbasids of Islam
5. An Interpretation of the Exchange of Civilizations in the Ancient Mediterranean from the Perspective of Big History
6. A Study on the Arabic Spread and Type of Interchange with the Romanic Languages
7. Sociolinguistic Situation of Libya and its Language Policy
8. European Imperial Nations’ Language Policy and Its Impact in the Middle East Countries
9. A Study on the Hybridity of languages in Morocco
10. A Study on the Acceptance of the Arab Islam Civilization in Egypt

Main Activity

Director of Institute for Mediterranean Studies
Professor of Arab Area Studies in Busan University of Foreign Studies. South Korea