Majored in database. Currently, researching information technology-based humanities research methodologies. In particular, research methodologies for various disciplines such as humanities and area studies, focusing on research in the fields of digital humanities and data science.

Important Article

1. A Study on Education Support System for Education of Area Studies
2. An Electronic Atlas of Colloquial Arabic Language in the Arab World
3. Database Design of Mediterranean Historical Archives Based-on Tag
4. A Study of Atypical Data Analysis Based on Text Mining - Focused on writing pattern analysis
5. A study on area studies based on digital maps: Focused on analysis of the security situation in the Gulf of Guinea
6. ICT Convergence Study Method of Using Digital Map - Focusing on the Renaissance of Mediterranean Civilization Exchange
7. esearch Trends in Mediterranean Area Studies in Korea based on a Network Analysis of Coappearing keywords
8. A study on Web-based Information Visualization for Analysis of Relationship between Objects -Focused on Abbasids of Islam-
9. Design and Implementation of Mediterranean Electronic Cultural Atlas(MECA) for Researchers
10. A Study on Utilization Method of Information Visualization in the Humanities and Area Studie
11. Utilization of Electronic Cultural Atlas for Humanities·Area study based Digital Humanities
12. A Study on the Method for Efficient Development of Digital Humanities System
13. A Study on Electronic Cultural Atlas using Thematic Overlay Function Focused on Israel․Palestine
14. A Study on Mediterranean Tourism Impact Analysis by Specific Events using Photo Sharing Websit
15. Digital Humanities and Electronic Cultural Atlas -Electronic Cultural Atlas Implementation of the Book titled "Mediterranean Passages"-


1. Mediterranean Civilization-Exchanges Dictionary
2. Understanding of Digital Humanities
3. Sicilian Civilizational Exchanges described by 7 Scholars
4. Mediterranean Civilization-Exchanges Studies
5. Online Publishing : Naver Premium Contents(data knows a lot by Jihoon Kang)

Main Activity

Director of Mediterranean Data Science Center
Commmitee of Association of Digital Humanities and Data Science(DHD)