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Affinities in Society, Geography, History, Culture


16 February 2017

Mediterranean Institute, University of Malta


A one-day conference organised by the Mediterranean Institute, University of Malta in

collaboration with the Institute for Mediterranean Studies, Busan University of Foreign



Mediterrasians’ is a one-day conference with a transdisciplinary brief: to explore the modes of connectivity that, in diverse ways and through myriad perspectives, link the Asian continent to the Mediterranean basin. Starting from an ethos of people-to-people relations across the two geographic zones, the conference will tap into a range of scholarly interests that explore their connections that go far beyond the mere relation of the two cartographies and their geo-physical proximity.

Mediterrasians’ will look into questions of shared and diversified material cultures, intertwined historiographies, travel writing, modes of alterity, otherness and othering in cultural and humanistic representation, the connection of political, communal and cultural imaginaries, intersections in geo-politics, geo-political relations and economies, as well as modes of cultural translation through a transnational purview.

Researchers focusing on any aspect of connection, affinity and relation, as well as any period of analysis, of the interface between Asia and the Mediterranean are welcome to submit their proposals for a 20/25 minute presentation.


Proposals, addressed to the Conference organising committee, are to be sent to this address: by not later than the 10 November 2016.

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