Humanities Korea Project Humanities Korea Project Guide

Humanities Korea Project Guide

has performed and will be performing studies on overseas regions (research agenda: A Study on the Interchange Type of the Civilizations in the Mediterranean Area) funded by the Humanities Korea Projects for 10 years since 2007 under the support from the Ministry of Education & Science Technology and the Korea Research Foundation. Although humanists and regional experts from all over the world have high interest in and passion for this project to study the process of communication and exchange between various Mediterranean cultures (Mediterranean Studies), the project exhibits numerous difficulties. This is because it deals with the vast region, diverse civilizations, multi-cultures, and multi-languages synthetically. This institute has done its utmost to be the world’s best for studying regions successfully by securing human resources that can settle those problems and initiatively developing Mediterranean Studies which is expected to have endless possibilities of development and influence. The chief projects of this institute are as stated below.

1. Establishing and developing Mediterranean Studies
2. Collecting, analyzing, and providing the information on the nations in the Mediterranean area
3. Establishing an international human network for the Mediterranean
4. Cultivating the next generation experts of the Mediterranean, etc.

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