"Pusan University of Foreign Studies was established in this area in the country
won only won the Mediterranean region is a specialized research area"

Studying Mediterranean area has been one of the most critical research tasks at Pusan University of Foreign Studies (Pusan, South Korea) which is a major international center for foreign language teaching, area studies and culture research in Korea. Institute for Mediterranean Studies, with the help of its researchers and scholars of international distinction, has been actively engaged in exploring global trends, thus leading the Korean society to a wealth of information about Mediterranean areas from around the world.

It is, therefore, very meaningful for this Institute for the Mediterranean Studies to fully integrate interdisciplinary studies of culture, literature, related language education, and social aspects of the Mediterranean Area. The Institute is expectedto make new contribution to develop wide-range of academic interests and research facilities, invaluable educational know-how and expertise in training. I amquite hopeful, that by doing so, IMS will soon be an institution of well-established reputation.

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