Mediterranean Information with Map

The Institute of Mediterranean Studies's web site provides geographical locations of mediterranean countries and their cities and related information linked with Yahoo map transmitted from satellites.

When you click a name of a country on the map, you can see its cities as well as photos and detail information right next to them. The same information will be available by clicking a name of a country on the bottom of the page.

Adjusting the magnifying or demagnifying scale on the map allows you to see the map in various scales. You can also see different sides of the map by simply dragging a mouse on it. Hybrid viewing and view from a satellite are also available.

The Institute of Mediterranean Studies's website provides practical language learning services on line in 7 different mediterranean languages (Arabic, Greek, Turkish, Hebrew, Spanish, Italian and French). It aides you to learn detailed expressions of greetings; numbers and directions; how to say in case of having an accident; pronouns; interrogatives; and more in 7 languages. Each provides a pronunciation hearing service and by simply clicking 'Replay', you can hear once again.

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