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Guidance For Conference

Institute of Mediterranean Studies opens a great periodic Science rally every spring and fall, and it also occasionally hold a meeting with its academic societies. We will notify its details though our institute web site or sending an e-mail.

We endeavor to make a standardization of Mediterranean Studies through a synthetic and scholarly method studying politics, economy, society, history, culture, language, and literature in the Middle East , Northern Africa, cites on the Mediterranean, and other related nations. And those studies have been discussed at our periodic Science rally.

The Institute of Mediterranean Studies is conducting the foreign regional studies of the Humanities Korea project (study agenda : study on exchanging patterns among various civilizations of mediterranean regions) with supports from the Korea Research Foundation and the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology since 2007 for next 10 years. By providing win-win opportunities and chances to discuss on certain subjects through congresses, we attempt to restore the Mediterranean to the universal place of exchanging civilizations which has extensity. The process of various civilizations having mutual understanding and interchanging will present developing aspects diversly and abundantly through congresses.

28th IMS(Institute for Mediterranean Studies) Conference
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28th IMS(Institute for Mediterranean Studies) Conference

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