The Mediterranean Review has biannual publication issued by the Institute for Mediterranean Studies, at Pusan University of Foreign Studies. The Mediterranean Review publishes articles and book reviews discussing issues on both the Western and Eastern Mediterranean, from ancient to modern times. The Journal is comprised of studies in the fields of Commerce &Trade, Environment, Politics and Diplomacy, Religion, History, Literature, Linguistics, Intercultural Communication, Comparative studies on Mediterranean Art & Culture, and other related subjects.

The Mediterranean Review addresses Mediterranean regional affairs, and discusses crucial developments in culture and politics that are redefining the Mediterranean world This unique publication delivers global issues, such as Mediterranean influence on international affairs and interchange of ideas and cultures between Mediterranean countries. Mediterranean Review also pays attention to multiculturalism and complexity surrounding the Mediterranean region.

Articles are published in English whether original or in translation. We welcome studies of History & Humanity, and Social Sciences, and submission of manuscripts dealing with the relevant areas.

--> Mediterranean Review(MR) Main Site : http://www.imsmr.or.kr

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